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LaShonda McGowan
CEO & Founder

I am proud to be the owner of Cottage Groves’, first black-owned beauty supply store, providing our local community with all their hair and beauty needs, that caters to all hair types and ethnicities.

I've worked for 20 years as an radiology technician. After the pandemic the changes in healthcare started to affect my health mentally and physically.​ So I had pivot towards the vision God has given me, and that was to provide ethnic hair care products to our growing population of African Americans in the suburban area where I reside in. 

I have everything from hair care products to accessories, styling tools, wigs, and extensions am passionate about helping my customers find the perfect products to suit their individual needs.

My goal is to provide the products that will help them maintain their desired look and enhance their natural beauty.

Visit today by appointment only and call

651-760-5067 and discover what Ebony Queen Beauty Supply has to offer. ​             

Where everyone's crown deserves to shine.
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